Hello! I’m Hannah Ruth. 

 I'm a southern California girl who somehow ended up in Dallas. I still haven't gotten used to having my feet in Texas grass instead of San Diego sand but barefoot is the way to go as often as I can pull it off. ( Ask my 6 siblings if you need confirmation of my hatred of shoes).

Life is a dream and an adventure and I admit every time I drive by an airport I want to just park and catch a plane somewhere with or without a suitcase or a plan. My love for capturing beauty I think began watching the sun go down as a child on the La Jolla cliffs in SoCal. Little did I know the love of my life Adam would surprise me and fly me there and propose to me on the very same cliffs I played at as a child.


My favorite part of photography though is the way I get to be inserted into someone else's love story, to get to spend the most intimate parts of the day with them, capturing memories that someday their grandkids will ask them questions about. Having just fallen in love and gotten married myself, I know these moments are priceless and last forever. The people are the real joy! You are what I get excited about and I’m so humbled by the privilege I have to meet and photograph such amazing people like you.



 There are few joys greater than learning about new people and new cultures and seeing new places, so if your wedding is international I do travel as well and am excited to fuel my internal wanderlust with new friendships!

A camera is just one way I love to create. When I'm not holding a camera, I'm likely doing something else creative, imagining I'm Audrey Hepburn, dancing like crazy with no one watching, playing our harp or piano, making a latte at home with my latest coffee discovery, practicing calligraphy, or leading worship at my church.

I believe God is creative too and I would have loved to have had front row seats when He was creating the world, how he decided to use more than 5k worth of colors and shades. The best cameras are still catching up to really take it all in.

I guess I should close by saying I'm not ashamed that my photography is dedicated to Jesus who is my everything and I believe all art and beauty can and should be a form of worship to him. Psalm 150:6 - Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. As long as I'm breathing, as long as I'm creating I want everything to be for Him.